Our Family Discipleship Training School at YWAM Tyler is a unique expression of DTS with an emphasis on discipleship and missions training for the entire family. 

During your Family DTS, parents will experience the heart of God by living in community with other families, hearing from seasoned missionaries and international teachers, and engaging in worship and intercession for the nations.

Meanwhile, your school age children will be learning the same topics in the Family Sync School.  They will be participating in their own times of intercession and worship, gain understanding about their role in the family and in the Great Commission, all the while learning to hear and obey God’s voice. 

At various times throughout the week, your family will have the opportunity to worship together, have family devotionals, engage in interactive intercession, etc.

Throughout the week, parents and children will spend intentional time together processing the week’s topics. Your family will also be strengthened with team-building activities and local ministry opportunities. 

Our goal is to not only synchronize the parent’s and children’s DTS experience, but also to prepare each family member for a lifetime of service to the Kingdom of God.

The outreach phase of DTS will provide your family the opportunity for a family mission trip to put into practice all the things you’ve learned in lecture phase. Outreaches are unique to each school and the location(s) will be determined after your arrival to DTS.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to be a family on mission through our Family DTS, please fill out the form on this page and we will be in contact with you soon!

"As a couple we went on many short-term mission trips together before coming to YWAM, and we loved going. We never thought becoming full time missionaries was possible for us. But when God called us, we stepped out in faith trusting Him. Once we got to YWAM Tyler, things changed so much for our family. We didn’t know coming into a Family DTS how much God was going to grow us as a couple and as parents. We learned how God loves us as our Father and how to take that love and pour it out on our kids. Then we came back for SOE and God taught us how to take his love and pour that out on others. We are so excited to see where God leads us to and how he will use us there."
ywam tyler family missionary training program melvins
Eric & Siovhan Melvin
DTS // SOE Graduates

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase of the DTS focuses on – “To Know God.”  It is an intentional time that emphasizes heart transformation and character development.  During the Family DTS lecture phase, parents and children alike are awakened to discover the heart of God and learn His ways.

In DTS, knowing God personally and intimately is the bottom line.

Outreach Phase

The outreach phase focuses on the practical application of – “To Make Him Known”. This time of serving others provides an immediate opportunity for parents and children to put into practice the principles they have learned during their lecture phase.

Your family will be able to deliver God’s message of love, life and hope through Christ that brings healing to the nations!  Through evangelism, stories, dramas, church ministry and practical help for the poor and needy, your family will be able to see the transforming power of the Gospel.

Prayer is a vital part of our Christian walk. It is during these times that we grab hold of God’s heart. Engage in rich times of prayer and grow your faith by diving into powerful times of intercession as you seek to hear and see the world through God’s eyes. Join YWAM Tyler staff in weekly corporate prayer times to lift up, strengthen, and support missionaries from all over the globe as well as intercede for people groups and nations that desperately need Jesus.
God wants us all to see that worship is a way of life. As we worship our Savior and King, we are then catapulted into action. As we focus on the greatness, victory, and beauty of Yahweh, we are captivated by His love. Grow deeper in your intimacy with God by immersing yourself in wonderful times of worship. From that place joy, faithfulness, and ministry spring forth.
Relationship is the essential message of YWAM. First with God, then with others. Small groups are a place where lifelong relationships with your classmates begin. As you walk through this eye-opening and inspiring time, join others to discuss what God is showing you.
God does many things in and through your time here at YWAM Tyler and we want to be available to help you process everything He is doing in your life. Link up with a mentor who walks with you through your time here on the ranch. Ask the hard questions. Say anything. We are ready.


$3,645 - Single person*
$3,745 - Single parent*
$7,490 - Married couple*


$310        0-1 year
$495        2-5 years
$630        6-12 years
$840        13-16 years

*Lecture phase tuition only.  Outreach phase airfare and grounds fees are in addition to the tuition cost.The price of the outreach phase can range from $1,500 to $3,500, depending on location. NOTE: A $100 discount if your tuition is paid in full one month before the start of school.

There is also an additional cost for each child enrolled in the Family Sync School.

Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of school.

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