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Taking the Gospel to the Nations


At YWAM Tyler, we are dedicated to the call of taking the Gospel to the nations. Through evangelism, training, and mercy ministry, we seek opportunities to inject the truth of God’s love into those around us.

We are devoted to ministering to the nations. Our desire is to take the Gospel where it is desperately needed. To places where there is no fellowship of believers or evangelistic strategy.

YWAM Tyler is also committed to the United States of America. God is bringing the world to our doorstep. We make it a priority to bring transformation to our own nation. We do this by ministering in major urban centers of the U.S. and by releasing mobile ministry teams that travel throughout the states bringing God’s message of hope and redemption.

Listed below are ministries that we are actively engaged in.


Do you want to reach your community and see the Kingdom of God advance in your area? So do we! Through our mobilization ministry, we want to equip you to accomplish whatever dream God has given you. We would love to help you reach your community through service projects, worship teams, and outreaches.

Mobilization Info

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Mercy Works

Mercy Works brings hope and lasting change to people afflicted by war, famine, extreme poverty, and natural disaster.

Our vision is to exhibit Christ-like character while serving those who suffer, and to invite them into an intimate relationship with Christ.

Visit Mercy Works Website

Jen Derkson with Mercy Works is shaking hands and chatting with people of all different ages in Ukraine.

Family Ministries

YWAM Tyler welcomes families into missions! God has called us to family discipleship: to encourage, strengthen, and send out families according to His original design.

We believe God calls families to be world-changers through the power and truth of His Word as they walk out right relationship with one another and our Mighty King. God longs to raise up and equip families to shine His Kingdom light for the whole world to see; in their home communities, across this nation, and to the ends of the earth!

Family Discipleship and Missions

A couple walks with a young boy down one of the paths next to the lake in YWAM Tyler.  Each one of them is holding one of the boy's hands.  There is a sense of family.

Agricultural Technologies

At AgTech, our common desire and goal is to see the lost reconciled with God and His magnificent creation through agricultural development programs.

Utilizing our land at YWAM Tyler and many other agricultural technologies, we aim to provide training in areas such as fruit orchards and grafting, soil conservation, urban farming, conventional homesteading, aquaponics, bee keeping, fish farming, third-world technology, and various types of farm animals and livestock.

Agtech as Missions

A large group of women and men and their kids are all crowded inside of one of the Agricultural Technologies greenhouses and are all standing around various luscious looking vegetables and plants.

Living Alternatives

When a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, many times she feels trapped and abandoned. Her hopes and dreams for the future are shattered. Family and friends find themselves overwhelmed, not knowing how to help.

At first, abortion can seem to be a quick solution. But at the end, it brings more devastation to mother and child.

At Living Alternatives, we offer our friendship, constructive answers and support to those facing the difficult choices surrounding unplanned pregnancy.

Services are free of charge, but the families are encouraged to help cover part of the cost when a girl lives at the Maternity Home.

Visit Living Alternative Website

A turquoise medical trailer owned by Living Alternatives with a sign offering free ultra sounds.

Christian Heritage School

Christian Heritage School (CHS) is a K-12 Christian School. Whether your child is entering the first year of school or concluding their senior year of high school, we teach that God is Providence. Our calling is to disciple the Nations through education.

Noah Webster tells us that “education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct temper, and to form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations.” (def. Education. Noah Webster 1828) 

Christian Heritage School Website

A group of smiling kindergarteners are packed onto a small bench with trees and grass in the background.

Partner Ministries

YWAM Tyler inspired and launched 10 partner ministries in the United States. These initiatives offer a variety of witnesses for the gospel. Please visit their website for more information.

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A group of YWAMers from the mobilization team gather around to listen as a staff member speaks.


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