YWAM Tyler welcomes families into missions! God has called us to family discipleship: to encourage, strengthen, and send out families according to His original design. We believe God calls families to be world-changers through the power and truth of His Word as they walk out right relationship with one another and our Mighty King. God longs to raise up and equip families to shine His Kingdom light for the whole world to see; in their home communities, across this nation, and to the ends of the earth!

YWAM Tyler is passionate about family discipleship: training and sending families into the fulfillment of their God-given destiny. We love to see kids and parents learning, serving, and growing together! All our programs welcome single-parent families, foster families, step-families, and grandparents raising their grandchildren, alongside husbands and wives raising their own kids. If God is stirring your heart to invest in more quality time with your family, growing in the Lord together, check out our range of exciting mission-minded opportunities outlined below.



Is God calling your family into missions? Are you wondering if you can actually do something like this? Are you looking for a place where your children can grow in the Lord, too? Join other families as we pursue the heart of God together.  At YWAM Tyler, we consider it an honor to come alongside you as you pursue the plans and purposes of the Lord for your family.

Trust God. Strengthen your family. Impact the world.

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Want to see your whole family discipled and trained for missions? Family Sync School is a unique family discipleship program run specifically for school-aged children whose parents are taking a YWAM Tyler school in the summer quarter. (Note: Your younger children aged 0-5 will be lovingly cared for by our Pre-school and Nursery staff during class-time).

We believe God calls WHOLE FAMILIES into missions together, working through all ages and generations to accomplish His purposes. Therefore, our goal at Family Sync is to unify families by training children in the same truths and skills as their parents. While moms and dads are learning in class about hearing God’s voice, understanding God’s character and nature, personal quiet times, evangelism, intercession and more, their kids are learning the same material at an age-appropriate level in their own classroom with teachers who believe passionately in the potential of children as missionaries. Your kids will have a summer experience like never before! The staff also engage with parents to encourage and equip them to intentionally, effectively disciple their children. We seek to create a desire in the hearts of children and parents alike to fully engage with God’s call and trust in Him as a family. This program provides a wonderful foundation for families prior to going on their mission trip, known in YWAM as “outreach”, during which they will put all they have learned in the classroom into practice.

Inquire now for more information about YWAM Tyler schools, including Family Sync School!

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Our retreats are a set-aside time for your family to reconnect and recharge.  Life is busy and it’s easy to feel like your family is being pulled in a thousand directions.  Weekend retreats are just that – an intentional time of retreating from the world and pursuing God together as a family.  They are filled with solid, Biblical teaching centered around things that matter to a family: Christ’s love for each individual, the unique design and gifting of each person in the family, and the practical how-to’s of being a family of light in a dark world.  The retreats are also infused with opportunities to have fun together as a family, whether it’s through silly skits, navigating the obstacle course or simple team building games, your family will truly enjoy their time.  We invite your family to consider joining us here at our campus for an extended weekend retreat.  It’s an investment with a lifetime return.

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Family -GO- Camps are a great training-ground for families who want to become more intentional and mission-oriented in their daily lives. This camp is an opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to invest in the discipling of your family. Everything about Family-GO-Camp is designed to build and strengthen your family relationships, as you grow in understanding of God’s good purposes for families.

The camp runs for six days, with the initial 3-4 days spent on our beautiful YWAM property in Lindale, Texas. Here we will enjoy God’s creation together, build our family team, be discipled by God’s Word, and seek His heart for our own families, as well as those around us who desperately need Jesus Christ. Fueled by what we have learned together, our camps culminate in a 2-3 day hands-on mission trip to serve the broken, hurting, and hopeless. We will travel to another destination within Texas where your whole family will minister together in reaching people with God’s love. There is nothing like the thrill of serving the Lord as a united family! God loves to see families trained in His ways and stepping out in faith to watch Him bring restoration to those who need it. Come and be inspired together!

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We are surrounded by busy-ness. Work, school, sports, and extracurricular activities so often dominate family life. When does a family have time to really connect and enjoy one another?  Family Connect Days provide an opportunity for families to step outside the busy-ness and simply enjoy being together as a family.

Join us for 4 hours of fun, food, and families. Engage in exciting games specifically created to do as entire families. Whether you are attempting the “Walking A” or weaving in and out of a water balloon minefield, your family will enjoy a light-hearted and fun-filled atmosphere topped off with some good food.

Please contact us to learn more about YWAM Family Connect Days. We’d love to talk about how we can tailor a program specifically for the families in your church or community!

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God is calling families into missions today! We believe He desires to use ordinary families in His mission to reach the lost and broken, even in our weakness and the messiness of everyday family life. As Jesus becomes our #1 focus and desire, we are then compelled to share His love with those around us. A parent’s job is to raise up, encourage, and equip our children to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And what better way to do this than to serve those around us, together, as a family!

YWAM short-term family mission trips.

We love to create opportunities for entire families to serve together, going beyond their comfort-zone to love on the hurting and broken, whether in our local cities and communities or abroad. We have repeatedly seen how God can work through our children as powerful missionaries, opening spiritual doors no adult could dream of breaching. There’s nothing more thrilling for a parent’s heart than to witness our children sharing Jesus with someone who needs Him! We are seeing the faith of families radically increased as they step out and trust God together.

If you or your church would like to partner with us on a short-term family mission trip, please contact us. We would love to have your family join us as we put Jesus in the spotlight!

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