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Discipleship Training Schools

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Secondary Training

Next level training after DTS.

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English Communication and Culture Course

English language immersion.

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Missions Insider

Read frontline missions stories, watch inspiring videos, and get helpful how to's about missions and discipleship.

5 min read

A Year for God

Someone somewhere said, "You can do anything for a year!" If God asked you to give a year of your life for discipleship and missions, what would your answer be? Elsa, a graduate...

4 min read

Divine Appointments are Real!

Has God ever prompted you to do something but you overlooked the opportunity?

I recently was thinking of this phrase, “If you won’t do it God will send another.” I think it's...

2 min read

How DTS Set Me Free

Fighting for my relationship with God 24/7 was one of the most challenging actions I've ever taken in my life, however, I knew what I wanted was worth it and fulfilling. I was...