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When you and your friend apply for DTS, for Fall of 2022, you each only pay 1/2 the tuition! LIMITED TIME OFFER. USA and Canada residents only. Offer ends September 16th!


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A group of YWAM DTS student are smiling and interacting with happy children, who are all putting their thumbs up.

Secondary School

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A secondary school student with YWAM is standing out on a cobbled street with tram tracks running through it.  He is talking to a man on the street.

Communication and Culture Course

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A multi-ethnic group of Communication and Culture students are sitting in a circle on a wood floor in an office and discussion topics together.

Missions Insider

Read frontline missions stories, watch inspiring videos, and get helpful how to's about missions and discipleship.

2 min read

God's Smuggler | A Real Life Hero

I believe in heroes, and I have had many in my lifetime. Brother Andrew, known as God's Smuggler, is undoubtedly one of those. He has impacted my life very much.

As a young New...

2 min read

Dealing With Fear

I know a lot of people who no longer watch the news. Not just because they are overwhelmed, but they question the sources.  44% of the worldwide news is reportedly inaccurate. The...

2 min read

The Spirit of Jesus

In an upcoming social media post that you'll see in the coming days, we are posting the caption: "The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the...