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A group of YWAM DTS student are smiling and interacting with happy children, who are all putting their thumbs up.

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A secondary school student with YWAM is standing out on a cobbled street with tram tracks running through it.  He is talking to a man on the street.

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A multi-ethnic group of Communication and Culture students are sitting in a circle on a wood floor in an office and discussion topics together.

Missions Insider

Read frontline missions stories, watch inspiring videos, and get helpful how to's about missions and discipleship.

2 min read

Do The Little Things Really Matter?

Have you ever made the mistake of believing a task isn’t worth investing time on because it’s “just a little thing?” I have.

For about a week and a half, I’ve been designing...
3 min read

The Send: Joining the War Against Inaction

When I went to The Flood, I was expecting breakthrough, but little did I know what it would entail.

The Flood was a week long event preceding the Send missions movement, held in...

4 min read

Bombs Erase Ukraine's Historic Beauty

In these last few days, the bombing has shifted away from the surroundings of Kyiv, to the Black Sea cities of Mykolaev and Odessa. Weeks ago, it seemed as though Odessa was on...