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"Secondary School Applications" includes: SOE, DBS, and SOSM.

"CCC Application" is for our English immersion program.

Discipleship Training Schools

This is where it all begins.

  • Discipleship Training School (DTS)
  • Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS)

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Secondary Training

  • Next level training after DTS.
  • School of Evangelism (SOE)
  • School of Strategic Missions (SOSM)
  • Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

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English Communication and Culture Course

English language immersion.

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Missions Insider

Read frontline missions stories, watch inspiring videos, and get helpful how to's about missions and discipleship.

10 min read

The Five Solas for Every Believer

Seven seniors threw their black caps high in the auditorium celebrating their graduation from Christian Heritage School. Everyone present grinned from ear to ear as the seniors...

1 min read

How to Create with the Holy Spirit

Designing stuff can either breathe life into me or hover over me like a dark cloud. I can stare for hours into the pixel abyss of my computer screen wondering if anything...

4 min read

What Will You Give Your Life For?

It was Saturday morning and slightly overcast when the van with 7 students and 4 adults heard an alarming bang under us. Our driver carefully brought the 75 mile an hour trip to...