Can I receive college credits for attending YWAM Tyler?

Upon completion, students automatically receive college credit with University of the Nations, YWAM’s unaccredited university, up to the following amount of credits:

Discipleship Training School 20
Crossroads DTS 19
School of Evangelism 20
Crossroads SOE 19
School of Worship 20
School of the Bible 44
School of Strategic Mission 24
Teachers for the Nations 42
(depending on length of outreach)  

Ecclesia College Partnership

As part of our ongoing effort to effectively educate and prepare people for missions, we have established a partnership with Ecclesia College, a fully accredited, Christ-centered college in Springdale, Arkansas. YWAM Tyler is now recognized as an off-campus teaching site for Ecclesia.

As an accredited college, Ecclesia is able to offer academic credit for approved courses taught at YWAM Tyler. Additional courses needed to complete an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree can be taken completely online with Ecclesia College. Students may also elect to do further study on the Ecclesia campus in Springdale, Arkansas.

Students may receive up to the following number of credits:

Discipleship Training School 17
Crossroads DTS 17
School of Evangelism 15
Crossroads SOE 15
School of Worship 15
School of the Bible 27
School of Strategic Mission 12
Teachers for the Nations 12
(depending on length of outreach)  

*Please note: the maximum amount of credit a student can earn at YWAM Tyler toward a degree at Ecclesia College is 90 credit hours. For more information please visit

Other colleges accepting YWAM Tyler transfer credits:

Dallas Baptist University (DBU)
Maximum 66 credits between all YWAM Tyler training programs

East Texas Baptist University (ETBU)
Maximum 36 credits between all YWAM Tyler training programs.

Houghton College
DTS – 12 credits

Laurel University
Maximum 30 credits for all YWAM Tyler training programs

Patten University
DTS – 18 units

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