Family Sync School is designed to unify and strengthen families who are taking missions training schools at YWAM Tyler. The program is focused on school-aged kids whose parents are attending our Summer training schools (especially those enrolled in the Family Discipleship Training School), providing similar teaching/training to their parents. Our purpose is to facilitate family discipleship by speaking into, encouraging, and equipping parents to intentionally and effectively disciple their children.

We seek to create a desire in the hearts of children and parents alike to fully engage and trust God as a family. Our prayer is that all family members would grow in understanding of who they are in Christ and how God desires to work in and through their family.


June 30 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

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Cost covers all class expenses for your child, including materials, daily snacks, and travel
expenses for outreach days. Cost is in addition to child’s room and board.


Worship is a vital part of our relationship with God. We will have daily quiet times, Bible reading, and other opportunities for worship throughout the week.

Students will be brought into God’s presence in the morning, as He leads; through singing, praise, silence, Bible meditation, etc.


Family Sync is not an academic school. The kids will have a weekly lecture topic but each class is designed to be interactive, engaging, and Spirit led. Our intent is to create a safe place where kids can experience a vibrant and active relationship with God and have fun in the process. Short teachings are reinforced with games, activities, and personal application. Our goal is to reflect what the children’s parents are learning and foster an atmosphere of spiritual unity in the family.


Family life is all about teamwork. We truly believe in the value of whole families learning and serving together as a T-E-A-M (Together Everyone Achieves More).  Therefore we have created opportunity for those parents enrolled in Family DTS to spend one whole day per week alongside their kids in Family Sync doing just that! We call it Family Focused Fridays. Activities include family teaching, discussions, team-building activities, prayer, planning, and community outreach. The purpose is for all family members to grow in understanding of how God has uniquely wired their family, and hopefully catch His vision to use them as a powerful team for the expansion of His Kingdom in the earth.

For the remaining weekdays, Family Sync also offers children the opportunity to work in a team with others around their own age, helping individual students relate to each other.  They will learn to pray together, work together, play together, and serve together, all vital roles in the family of God.


MONDAY- THURSDAYS ***************
Morning Class                   9:00-12:00pm
Lunch Break                     12:15-1:30pm
Afternoon Class                 1:30-3:00pm
Kids Work Duty finishing     3:15pm

FRIDAYS ******************************
Family Focused Fridays

Joint Class w/Parents             9:00-12:00
Lunch Break                           12:15-1:30pm
Joint Class continued             1:30-300