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Everyone needs discipleship. Sharing the Gospel isn't complicated, and saying "YES" to Jesus is the best way to find your purpose.

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Grow and Go

When you sign up for discipleship at YWAM, you're opening your heart to hear from God. When He speaks to you, you'll discover a world of opportunities to share your faith with a world who need to know they are loved. 

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Young female missionary smiling, surrounded by happy children.

On Campus Phase

A DTS student emotionally hugging a school speaker

The 12-week lecture phase focuses on “To Know God.” It is an intense, 7 day a week program emphasizing heart transformation and character development.  


"God has redeemed so much; grown me into more of who He created me to be, and loved me so fiercely over the last ten months with YWAM that I cannot begin to describe it all in words."

~ Christy, DTS/SOE Graduate

Outreach Phase

A group of SOE students smiling and gathered around a man on the street during some portion of their outreach phase

The outreach phase focuses on the practical application of “To Make Him Known.” This phase provides an immediate opportunity for each student to put into practice the principles they have just learned in both domestic and cross-cultural field ministry.

Students will be able to deliver God’s message of love, life and hope through Christ that brings healing to the nations! Through evangelism, stories, dramas, church ministry and practical help for the poor and needy, students will be able to see the transforming power of the Gospel.

What to Expect in DTS



Prayer is a vital part of our Christian walk. It is during these times that we grab ahold of God’s heart. You will engage in rich times of prayer and grow your faith by diving into powerful times of intercession. You will seek to hear and see the world through God’s eyes. You will join YWAM Tyler staff in weekly corporate prayer times. During these prayer times, you will lift up, strengthen, and support missionaries from all over the globe as well as to intercede for people groups and nations that desperately need Jesus.



Relationship is the essential message of YWAM. First with God, then with others. Small groups are a place where lifelong relationships with your classmates can begin. As you walk through this eye-opening and inspiring time, join others to discuss what God is showing you. Grow closer with your classmates as you come together to exalt the name of Jesus.



God wants us all to see that worship as a way of life. As we worship our Savior and King, we are then catapulted into action. As we focus on the greatness, victory, and beauty of Yahweh, we are captivated by His love. Grow deeper in your intimacy with God by immersing yourself in wonderful times of worship. From that place joy, faithfulness and ministry spring forth.



God does many things in and through your time here at YWAM Tyler. We want to be available to help you process everything He is doing in your life. Link up with a mentor who walks with you through your time here on campus. Ask the hard questions. Say anything. We are ready.

Choose Your Training



Classic DTS

The Classic DTS is offered every January, April, July, and October. The Classic DTS is perfect if your right out of high school and up to 30 years of age. 

Take the plunge. Grow your faith. Know God.

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Family DTS

Join other families as we pursue the heart of God together.  At YWAM Tyler, we consider it an honor to come alongside you as you pursue the plans and purposes of the Lord for your family.

Trust God. Strengthen your family. Impact the world.

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Crossroads DTS

Our Crossroads DTS is designed for singles, families, and retirees to carve out space in their lives for discipleship.  

If you are 30 or above, then our Crossroads DTS could be for you.

Renew your vision. Strengthen your faith. Change the world.

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Talk with a DTS Coach

Don't wait around. Go ahead and schedule a time to talk with us about what's on your heart and mind.



Hartwell Quest and YWAM Tyler have teamed up to create some amazing advantages (and generous scholarships) for dedicated students! 

YWAM Tyler PLUS is the combination of Hartwell Quest "Smart Courses" and "Certificates with YWAM Tyler’s ministry training, worldwide outreaches, and close-knit community. Hartwell Quest’s classes and certificates are online, affordable, and compliment what students are learning in their YWAM Tyler DTS

A student in the Biblical Foundations for Transformation school sitting at a desk with a notebook, and Bible and a computer in front of him.  He is reading intently.

Four girls are standing in a field of high grass, facing away from the camera and looking off in the distance at a beautiful field under a clear blue sky.  They are all interlocking arms above their heads and forming their hands into hearts.

You may not be ready to full-on apply. That's ok. You're here so go ahead and fill out this form and we can talk more together.



$3,645 - Single person*
$3,745 - Single parent*
$7,490 - Married couple*

add: $100 for elective study


$310 - 0-1 year
$495 - 2-5 years
$630 - 6-12 years
$840 - 13-16 years

*Lecture phase tuition only.  Outreach phase airfare and grounds fees are in addition to the tuition cost.The price of the outreach phase can range from $1,500 to $3,500, depending on location. NOTE: A $100 discount if your tuition is paid in full one month before the start of school.

Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of school.


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