The OneStory Quest program is a two to three year adventure in extreme evangelism. The goal of the OneStory quest is to create a Bible Story Set, a set of 25–40 Chronological Bible Stories that communicate the heart of the Gospel to those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

– 3 Billion people are without Bibles
– 2,700 people groups have no written language
– 2 Billion people in oral cultures are not evangelized

OneStory Quest is an opportunity for adventure and achievement. You don’t even need any previous translation experience or linguistic training.

You will be part of a small dynamic team that will travel in some of the most remote and rugged places on earth, utilizing up-to-date equipment to create a Bible Story Set for an unreached people group.

In approximately two years, you can produce a tool that will present Jesus to those who would otherwise have no opportunity to learn of Him. This Bible Story Set will be a legacy that will remain long after your adventure is complete